Dorie Greenspan

On Dessert: Building a Better Cream Puff — Call me an obsessive, I’m okay with that.  Lately, I’ve been a little crazy about cream puffs and so, after considerations, trials, more trials and...


Fennel & Celery Salad and Roasted Vegetable Salad With Blood Orange Vinaigrette — Thank you to all who have inquired about the latest workshop I posted. It is the last before Fall for Chef Ondo and myself as Charleston gets unbearebly hot after May. We are excited to have you join...

La Tartine Gourmande

Teaching a workshop in Sicily — October 2017 — Sicilian countryside I am so excited to announce that I will co-jointly teach a food styling and photography workshop combined with Sicilian cooking classes with my friend Fabrizia Lanza for the third time. We have such fonds memories of our … Continue reading →

Louisa Chu

Fortress of the Bear, Alaska — Happy First Day of Spring! Today's the Vernal Equinox, Northern Hemispherically speaking, so naturally I can't stop thinking about this fertile season's symbols: eggs. Bear eggs, that is. Not the eggs of bears, which do sound like an illegal Chinese...

Everett Potter

Museum of the American Revolution — By Eleanor Berman With colorful films, dramatic displays and fresh insights into history, the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia is a lively account of how a ragtag volunteer army managed to overcome British might to found our nation.  Many personal stories helps bring the history alive and

David Lebovitz

Coffee Cajeta Ice Cream — Who knew that Mexico was famous for ice cream? I didn’t, until my first trip many years ago, and saw all the heladerias stirring up ice cream and pushcarts, parked on sidewalks, handing out popsicles. It was my first visit and I had no idea what a remarkable range of flavors Mexicans incorporated into their scoops and paletas. There was chocolate, corn, coffee, cheese, peanut, and rice...

Paris by Mouth

Restaurants with Air-Conditioning — This post is a work in progress, but we’re in the process of rounding up the restaurants in our guide which are blasting A/C during these hottest summer days. Some of these tips come from our readers [...]

Odd Bacchus

A Revolution In Israel: Fine Wine In The Holy Land — At present, Israel may well be the most misunderstood country in the wine world. What comes to mind when you hear the words “Israeli wine”? All too many of us still think of syrupy-sweet Ruby Port-like bottlings that people sip at Passover, and studiously ignore for the rest of the year. And yet, Israel “lays […]

Hip Paris

Les Choupettes de ChouChou: Organic Puff Pastry and Chantilly Cream in Montmartre — Les Choupettes de ChouChou in Montmartre is a monothematic pastry shop which only sells chouquettes, the ubiquitous bite sized choux pastries beloved by French children and adults alike, filled with feather light whipped cream and whimsically renamed “choupettes.”

Anissa Helou

Hindbeh Bil-Zeyt or Italian Dandelion in Olive Oil — I have recently moved to Sicily, canadian online casinos in search of sunshine and a place that reminds me of home (Lebanon & Syria) but where I do not have to worry about ISIS! I am being facetious of course but Italy seems a safer bet than the Middle East these days and the great... View Article

France Today

Restaurant Reviews: André, Chef Anne-Sophie Pic’s Bistro in Valence — Back in the days when tyres had inner tubes and people used paper maps that were always impossible to refold to their original neat envelope size, France’s major tyre manufacturer came up with the idea of publishing a restaurant guide that would make people drive more. The first edition came out in 1900, and it worked as planned. More and more The post Restaurant Reviews: André, Chef Anne-Sophie Pic’s Bistro in Valence appeared first on France Today.