Dorie Greenspan

#cookiesandkindness Recipe for February: Valentine’s Day Share-A-Heart — Every month is a month for love – hearts, flowers, poems, sweetness, kindness and chocolate, too – but February gives us an actual day to...


Fennel & Celery Salad and Roasted Vegetable Salad With Blood Orange Vinaigrette — Thank you to all who have inquired about the latest workshop I posted. It is the last before Fall for Chef Ondo and myself as Charleston gets unbearebly hot after May. We are excited to have you join...

La Tartine Gourmande

Financiers forever — Brown butter pistachio and poppy seeds financiers recipe If there’s a type of teacake that at home we never tire of–outside anything involving chunks of chocolate as both my children are strong chocolate lovers–it has the name F.I.N.A.N.C.I.E.R written all … Continue reading →

Louisa Chu

Fortress of the Bear, Alaska — Happy First Day of Spring! Today's the Vernal Equinox, Northern Hemispherically speaking, so naturally I can't stop thinking about this fertile season's symbols: eggs. Bear eggs, that is. Not the eggs of bears, which do sound like an illegal Chinese...

Everett Potter

Brunch at the Metropolitan Opera’s Grand Tier Restaurant — By Ruth J.  Katz Quintessential New York:  Christmas. The ormolu-dotted Grand Tier of the Metropolitan Opera House, chandeliers gleaming.  The sky gently bruised a soft gray.  Twinkling snowflakes landing silently in the Lincoln Center Plaza.  In the distance across Broadway, a Christmas tree glimmering with seasonal cheer. In this cinematic

David Lebovitz

Glaces Glazed Ice Cream Shop in Paris — Paris is known for its classical ice cream shops, as well as a few Italian-style gelaterias, but until a few years ago, there weren’t any young people forging out on their own, churning up more contemporary flavors of ice cream and sorbet for modern palates. Don’t get me wrong, I love glace au chocolat and glace au caramel beurre salé, but I’m no fuddy-duddy, and...

Paris by Mouth

La Bourse et La Vie — Come to celebrate, or come on a date. Come for the best steak-frites in Paris, or for the selection of after-dinner armagnacs. Come because you still remember the warm gougères that were served with your glass [...]

Odd Bacchus

Terroir, Schmerroir: Dave Phinney’s “Locations” Wines — I can think of no buzzier buzz word in the wine world than “terroir.” How often do we read something about how a wine reflects its terroir or expresses its terroir? The phrases describe a wine that represents where it was made, with clear influences from the local climate and soil in its aroma and flavor. […]

Hip Paris

Les French Desmoiselles: Ethical Fashion Made in France — Les French Demoiselles, brainchild of young Marseillaise designer, Fanny Grosbois, is designed for “urban dreamers.” Les French Demoiselles’ aesthetic embodies the femininity and elegant simplicity that come to mind when one thinks about timeless French style. Many pieces feature hand-woven lace from Calais, or traditional patterned fabrics from Provence.

Anissa Helou

Hindbeh Bil-Zeyt or Italian Dandelion in Olive Oil — I have recently moved to Sicily, canadian online casinos in search of sunshine and a place that reminds me of home (Lebanon & Syria) but where I do not have to worry about ISIS! I am being facetious of course but Italy seems a safer bet than the Middle East these days and the great... View Article

France Today

Brittany Ferries: Win a Ferry Crossing to France — Brittany Ferries are offering the chance to win a return ferry crossing to France for a standard sized car and two people… With frequent sailings from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth, Brittany Ferries take you direct to Brittany and Normandy, saving you miles of driving, fuel costs, tolls and overnight stops. You can choose to cruise The post Brittany Ferries: Win a Ferry Crossing to France appeared first on France Today.